Friday, September 6

Voting Day 2013

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Today Australia decides who gets the next turn at stuffing up, sorry I mean, running this great nation into which I was born.

Mixed emotions is one way of describing how I feel about it. Bloody scared and fed up with lies and not knowing what to believe another.

There was a time when I was all over politics. And by that I mean I studied it in my final year of highschool and then in my first few years of university. In fact, just between you and me there was even a time when I briefly desired to be a world leader.

Then I realised how few people liked world leaders and thought a stay at home mum was a much better option. Everyone loves them. Well at least their kids generally do.

Actually that is not quite what happened, I got sick of studying and decided to just go and get a job. Why did I get sick of studying you may ask? Well because not too long after I started my arts degree the political powers that be of the time, started to cut funding to almost every subject I was interested in.

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Anyways back to today's election because as much as I may wish it weren't going to occur, it is. There is no way round it. My heart goes into palpitations just thinking about it.

Dramatic and quick change are not exactly something I am comfortable with and according to the latest newspaper poll in the know, that is exactly where this election is heading.

Excuse my while my stomach does a few flips and I regain my composure.

The thought of Abbot leading our nation really does turn my stomach. Aside from him playing for the wrong team (as far as I am concerned anyway) I just don't like the picture of himself that he portrays.

(I did want to say I don't like him but I don't personally know him so I guess I am not really in a position to say I don't like him. And while I am splitting my own hairs perhaps I would be better saying the picture the media portrays of him is what I don't like but surely he has some input into his media image?)

As far as I am concerned Tony Abbot and the Liberal party will bring nothing but doom. He is a short sighted homophobic misogynist that has no consideration for anyone outside his social class. Since I am most certainly not in his social class and not likely to get much consideration it is not likely that I will do anything to aid him becoming the Prime Minister.

Which is a shame because his representative for where I live is a great candidate. A woman even. Though given the redneck goose she was up against in the 2010 election it is not exactly surprising. It was disappointing to see that Labor failed to provide a more challenging opponent this time round as well. Instead giving the constituents another blokey bloke who I doubt has the brain capacity to adequately represent the view points of anything other than what the party demands.

The infuriating rage that the local Labor candidate elicits from me is of a somewhat intense nature. The mere mention of his name has the ability to send me into a frenzy of fury. Likened only to way I feel about Tony Abbott (and the Liberal party as a whole for that matter) I struggle to understand how there has not been a mix up?

To make my voting woes even worse the Labor candidate for the Senate was deemed a "Captains Pick" as she was chosen to stand for the seat over a long term and dedicated incumbent who had not announced her desire to not stand.

It is so hard to align my vote with my heart. How about you?
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  1. I'm voting for change and for the future. That's where I see it lies. But really do we really ever know? It's increasingly harder to trust politicians these days but I certainly would't want to be in their position either. I think a lot of the time their hands are tied.

    1. They are wise things to vote for as well Jodi. I must agree that I think for a lot of the pollies, especially from smaller, dare I say it less significant places, have very little say or influence in anything. It is hard not to be disillusioned with it all.

  2. I feel bleeeurgh about the election too. But I live in one of the safest seats in the country so my vote only really counts for future funding decisions. Which is still important, and I'm not taking it lightly, but there hasn't been much campaigning around here because we all know who's coming back in. x

    1. I pretty much feel that is my seat's only purpose as well. One of the candidates from the major parties hasn't even campaigned. Which I found very interesting under the circumstances.

  3. No matter who wins we're still stuck with politicians :-/ I pretty much see things the same way as you.

  4. Obviously I was happy with the decision, but honestly, I think that there needs to be a change of government every 2-3 terms as it is. I don't think it's good for anyone to have power too long.
    I don't feel like I saw much campaigning here though tbh. Except for when Luke appeared at my house that one time. :)

  5. I feel sad just thinking about the results. Even though it was inevitable; Labor dug themselves into their own hole. But I am really sad about the whole foreign aid thing. I mean seriously, how low do you have to be to take aid from millions in need for... building roads. Jeez. That is pathetic.

    I'm sure to write a good rant of my own this week!

  6. I felt really conflicted about this election. I'm not happy with the result, but I wouldn't have been happy with any alternative result either. Every party (by which I mean Labor, Liberal and Greens, not sure about the others) had one or two policies I agreed with and at least one or many more I completely disagreed with. I hate the personality politics, but in my opinion, there was no outstanding character if I were playing that game either - I don't find either Abbott or Rudd particularly charming, or capable... I wonder what the next 3 years will bring?

  7. I just hope some of the reforms in relation to education and disability care are carried through by the Coalition. They are the main points of worry for me...


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