Tuesday, May 14

Well at least I didn't break my arm..

That is my stock standard reply to any questions regarding Mother's Day. Though occasionally I like to add something about being doped up to the eyeballs on morphine. 
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In what is not exactly some of my finest moments, my second Mother's s Day, as an actual mother, will forever provide the bench mark for rating Mother's Day. Without getting to caught up in the details let's just say I may have been demonstrating my kung fu ability (or perhaps lack of) in an incredibly slightly intoxicated state, lost my balance toppled over and snapped my wrist.

Man how it hurt.

I knew instantly how much damage was done. Mind you thinking back to it now it was probably also a sign that something had to change or it would be more than my wrist that snapped. It was a super tough time in my life. I was a newly singly mum. Who was also relatively homeless (save for my parents, though pride initially prevented me from turning there). All of which can be saved for another day (not anytime soon).

For now all that matters is I have spent Mother's Day doped up to the eyeballs on morphine which combined nicely with my hangover and broken bones. As such all subsequent Mother's Days can easily equate to sunshine and roses for me.

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Regardless of how crap it may or may not actually have been.

This year Mother's day was nothing overly special. Which I was really quite fine about. After two days selling gifts to children followed by the breakfast at the school I was a bit done with the whole Mother's Day thing actually. 

It began with Mr Awesome literally jumping out of bed at the first sound Miss Three made. Quickly whisking her and Miss Six downstairs before they had a chance to disturb me any more than what they already had. 

To show my appreciation for his efforts I refrained from jumping up and racing to the bathroom to relieve my bursting bladder. Which was made not exactly easier by the fact we were sleeping in the air conditioning. Turned on by Mr A the night before in light of the impending special occasion.

Some how, despite three pregnancies and only minimal kegel exercises I was able to drift back to sleep with my seal unbroken. I suspect probably thanks to years of excessive drinking and a dislike for public toilets. But I digress.

When I could finally hold on no longer, and having ensured enough time for Mr A and the girls to whip up a card or two I headed to the loo. Hearing my movement my beloved called out asking if I was up. Confirming that I was up by yelling 'yep' down the stairs, I then headed back to bed eagerly awaiting the gifts I had sold to the girls at the school Mother's Day stall earlier in the week.

If you look hard enough you can
see the new necklace
We always do presents in bed. Or so I thought. 

Apparently not this year.

After about twenty five painful minutes of morning TV due to there being little else to do in the room I texted asking if I was meant to come down stairs or where they on their way up?

I couldn't yell on account of being in the air conditioning and I couldn't play on my phone while I waited on account of my battery being flatter than flat. Totally first world problems I know.

Eventually everybody rambled in with their rushed cards, kind words and best of thoughts. Not to mention a rather cool travel coffee mug and a necklace. As well as a ham and cheese sandwich made with cold toast that I would actually really rather not mention.

From here the morning took a slight turn for the worse which involved tears, frustration and too much love. Again though no need for the details right now. Thankfully this all passed relatively quickly and before long we were picking up Mr Awesome's mum and on route to a caravan and camping expo. 

Cos you know, mum's are all over that stuff. 

They went all out at the expo for mums
All in all the expo wasn't too bad, especially given the fact if all goes to plan next year will see us leading a much more nomadic life. After the expo we caught up with my mum, brother and his wife and child. Followed by some swimming fun and a poolside dinner. 

Tis a blessed life that I lead. 

Best of all there were no broken bones.

How was your Mother's Day?

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