Tuesday, August 21

Getting out more than you put in

Not exactly the life lesson you want to teach your children but one I appear to have a great knack of installing in mine. Particularly the somewhat lazy pre-teen. Who of course is the last person that needs to know leaving things to the last minute pays off.

Last Friday the school had it's first science fair to coincide with National Science Week. Having dreams of being a writer, science has never been something that has interested me. All the rules and explanations that go with science just don't appeal to me in anyway. At all.

In fact during my final years of high school I was delighted to discover that there was a maths unit I could take that would double up as my science component of my education. While maths may also be rule based, I could somehow get my head around them much easier than those that were associated with the traditional sciences like chemistry.

Needless to say the prospect of making not one, but two science projects, was not exactly appealing. So I didn't encourage the girls in anyway whatsoever. (Mother of the year coming through)

Only on Wednesday, when children were finally shuffled off to bed and our quality TV viewing time began I discovered something so awesome and so easy that I just had to get Miss 11 to enter it in the fair. While I may have said to her "I am sure this will win you a prize" in a bid to gain her interest I never for a moment really thought she would get something. Especially since come Friday morning, we were still trying to get our act together enough print out the words to accompany the project. The words which took her all of two minutes to write mind you.

After wandering around some of the other experiments, which consisted mainly of volcano explosions, I was still doubtful whether we had a prize winner on our hands. Some of the other children had gone to a lot of work. Possibly spending at least a week or even more on their work. Unlike the last minute rush job experienced at our house.

Apparently though if your last minute rush job involves something that few other people have seen your lack of effort can be rewarded. Yep. She got a prize.

So in a bid to ease my guilt at leading my children down the same fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best path that I have walked for far too long I am going to share with you this award winning project.
Fellow leave it to the last minuters, I give to you the Homopolar Motor (say that a few times fast after a drink or two). While it may sound rather impressive, it is actually one of the simplest forms of a motor and is so so easy to make.

All you need is a battery, piece of wire, a screw and a magnet. Put them together as shown.
When you place the wire near the end of the screw it spins round like crazy, which is a little tricky to see in the photo but very cool to watch in real life. And there you have it, the most easiest science project ever.

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