Monday, July 30

Blogging Olympics - Day 2 Challenge

In the past few days I have sat down to write countless times.  Sadly though the screen has remained blank.  In fact these words are the most that I have come up with and quite frankly they are on the verge of being deleted.

It's not that I have writer's block because I don't.  Complete opposite actually.  There are so many things that I want to write that I don't even know where to begin.  Which, you might be surprised to hear, is not a great place to be in.  Especially when there are apparently more pressing matters to deal with like feeding the tribe and housekeeping.

A little while ago I came across a blog that was offering a bit of an Olympic challenge.  Being a lover of all things Olympic I decided to find out more.  As it turned out it was blogging challenge so naturally I signed up quick smart.  A challenge is just what I needed to get writing regularly now that the school holidays are over.  Or so I thought.

Today is day three of the challenge.  This post is the challenge for day one.  Nothing like being on top of things now is there?  Actually this is the day two challenge, but the first challenge that involves writing.  The first challenge was an easy one, introduce yourself to the support group.

To be quite honest this challenge just didn't take my fancy.  In fact it still hasn't and I am not really sure how to go about it.  On the surface it should be simple.  All I have to do is write a post that mentions five other blogs.  Not exactly rocket science is it?

So why the struggle?

I guess the excuse I am going to run with is because I wanted to give you, my beloved readers, something a bit special.  Something a bit more interesting than just going "oh have you seen Pathetic to Pin Up?"  For five different blogs because quite frankly how is that going to entice you to go on over and check out a fantastic blog that follows Cie's journey to rediscovering her style?

Ever since I did my mother of an Olympian interviews I have been really conscious of maintaining a certain level of writing.  One that is a bit more than just another frustrated mummy crying out to be heard.  One that if by some bizarre chance a publisher stops by doesn't make them cringe and runaway at a hundred miles an hour.

Because you know it is totally possible that bloggers can one day be real authors.  Have you heard of Kerri Sackville or Allison Tait?  Both incredibly talented bloggers who are also published authors.  Sigh.  One day...

Of course unless I maintain this whole writing regularly thing one day may never actually come my way.  Now where was I?

Oh that's right in the middle of making an exciting post that links five other blogs.  Well done you on still sticking with me.  If you are keeping count I've managed to sneak three links in, only two go.  Which right now feels easier said than done.

Though perhaps there is a reason behind my procrastination.  You see once this post is done I then need to go and read some of the other great posts that my fellow blogging Olympians have written.  Posts that are now days old because they are all up to date and organised unlike yours truly.

Perhaps some of their organisational skills will rub off on me.  Stuff like that can be transferred by association can't it?  My fingers are crossed that it does.  Imagine how cool it would be to get some of the awesomeness found at Singular Insanity and Our Little Sins (who are also part of the Blogging Olympics) purely by being in the same Facebook group as them.

Anyway for now it is bottoms up and head down while I madly try and catch up with the other challenges I am slowly falling behind with.  Story of my life really.