Tuesday, July 24

#IBOT Love

Regulars readers will know that I just love blogging on a Tuesday,
so I can join in with #IBOT (I Blog on Tuesday) which is a weekly meme hosted by the ever gorgeous Jess at

I also have a love of buttons!

Some weeks, like when I have been chatting to mothers of Olympians I am super organised and have the post all scheduled to go before Tuesday even gets here.

Other weeks I wake up super early and get it written as the new day dawns before the ruckus of children begins.

Every now and then I struggle all day to get something up.

Rarely do I not find something to share but it has happened. Like last week. There was no blogging on Tuesday from me last week. Actually to tell you the truth blogging has been a bit tough for me of late.

I had decided to try and see if I could raise the bar a bit in terms of the standard of posts I put out. After the recent discovery of my interview skills I suddenly thought that maybe I could turn into one of those bloggers come journo types. I heard on the grapevine that journalists were concerned about the rise of bloggers or something like that and suddenly felt semi inspired to live out my once muchly dreamt of career path of journalism.

You know the thing that turned me off being a journalist? Well one of the things. The fact that you had to study to be one. You see after only having been exposed to the like of the NT News or the Daily Planet, I thought there was little to being a journalist. Lois Lane does make it all seem pretty straight forward.

Moving along though because clearly Superman is not coming to rescue me and nor am I about to make headlines as the mummy blogger who turned journalist and took on the world. At least not this week. Though I wouldn't mind being a blogger who wrote an awesome book that went on the best sellers list for weeks at a time.

All in good time I guess.

But enough of my pipe dreams for now.  I need to work on the whole writing regularly still before I can expect to have any hope of publishers knocking my door down and offering bags of money for my words of wisdom.

For now though, it is Tuesday and I have blogged which always makes me happy.

#IBOT is the one linky where I know I will get lots of visits and beautiful comments which give me the encouragement to write just that little bit more. So a big thank you to the lovely #IBOT community.

Write post read comment, I blog on Tuesday sharing the love


  1. You did do a very good job with your olympian interviews. Just keep working toward your dream honey and make sure you stick to those Tuesday Posts. It wouldn't be IBOT without you!

  2. YAY!! We love #IBOT :) hehe xx

    visiting from #teamIBOT :P

  3. Yes, keep up the writing. I love it Rachel xx

  4. yay for blogging on Tuesday - sometimes we need a break to re-evaluate and take another step toward our dream. Keep up the writing - can't wait to be celebrating with you when it comes into reality xx

  5. I don't always have something to say on a Tuesday, but when I do I link it up to IBOT. But even if I don't link up myself, I often pop by Jess's blog to read those who did. These linkys are a great way to find new blogs to read (and a great distraction from work!)

  6. We're all behind you, cheering you on, Rhianna! Keep writing, hold on to those awesome dreams! It will all materialise x

  7. Yes, I always work at getting a post out for IBOT, but like Lisa H, even when I don't, I know I have some great reading material for a Tuesday night! Keep working at those dreams!

  8. I wrote about my dream of being a journalist last week for IBOT! Meanwhile, I just love writing and blogging is such a great way to do it and meet some amazing people... Hold on to your dream and doors will open for you.

  9. Thank YOU for ring one of the awesome commenters!

    As for the NT News, well I don't think that's inspiring anyone. We both write better than most of those journos

  10. Pipe dreams are essential. Make them big and make them awesome! Woo hoo IBOT :)

  11. Here's a tip that might help that I was told a while back: when you get an idea you want to write about just write it as if you've just come home and are telling your hubby or best friends. It will flow a bit easier then and it might also stop any pressure you are putting on yourself to find things to write about because it will feel more natural. There is a very good site to get writing tips ... I've just got to think where it is ... I'll get back to you.

  12. Here here! I Love me some IBOT. Keep on writing. :)

  13. Rhianna - here is the site to inspire your writing. http://www.brainpickings.org it features a whole lot of different stuff on pop culture and the author often seeks out and lists top tips from the world's best writers of all times. You won't like everything on it but i find it fascinating and inspiring.

    1. Hey thanks for that website, I didn't go look at the time, but I just went there now and am in love! Thanks!


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