Tuesday, March 20

The Price To Play

I have previously mentioned that this year my husband and I decided that we would all play the same sport.  We thought that the idea of the whole family being involved in one club would allow for some great family bonding time.

Since hubs and Miss L both played hockey last year, it only made sense for Miss Z and I to join in this year.  Many moons ago I once played hockey and just between you and me I fancied myself a little.  In fact I am sure the reason why some of those girls weren't nice to me was because they were jealous of my natural skills...

Moving along.

Finally the sign up weekend arrives.  Despite the tiny little demons that keep telling me it is easier to just not play I am adamant that I will not give into my fears.  I will get out there and interact with people unknown, and who knows possibly even make some of them become known.  At least that is what I think till I see the sign up fee.  For two adults and two children to play a season of hockey I needed to pay just over one thousand dollars.  Yep you read right $1000.

Crazy hey?

And that is before uniforms, sticks, and shin pads.  Here let me just find another five hundred.  Did I mention this is after Miss L has also played a season of basket ball which comes in at about $15 per week after a $70 registration fee and $30 club fee.

Before I get too carried away with grumbling about how broke playing sport is about to send me, I must say we did not walk away empty handed.  The kids both got a simple back pack sponsored by the evil golden arches and made in some underdeveloped country for probably about 50 cents.  It was accompanied by a probably toxic water holder, also sponsored by said evil big company and a T-shirt that was not sponsored by anyone other than the sport of hockey.  It will be good for them to train in if nothing else.

It really saddens me to think that it is so expensive to play sport these days.  As it is we are becoming a society plagued by the perils of obesity and yet only the well off are able to afford to play organised sport.  If by chance you are talented or good at your sport and wish to go further in your chosen sport then prices just soar even more.

Looking back on my own childhood I was fortunate in that I got to try a great number of extra curricula activities.  So did my brother.  My sister however not so much and I can't help but wonder if the cost of it all was a factor in my sister missing out.  I had never really understood how people would say that children were expensive till I had to get two of them sorted for school.  Trying to get two of them sorted for sport made me realise the same as well.  I shudder to think what it will be like by the time I have to do it for three.

So needless to say I am not playing hockey this year.  Which I am kind of sad about but also a little relieved.  There is always next year.  Which may actually work out better because by then I will be fit. As opposed to now where I am only still trying to get fit.

Rather than setting an example of a healthy lifestyle choice of playing organised sport I will show the girls that it is possible to be fit and active without joining a club or being part of a team.  I have slowly been plodding away with my Ease Into 5km app on my phone and can already feel myself getting stronger.  I have a bootcamp app that I need to start soon as well.  I know that these little changes and bursts of energy are just as important at role modeling good behaviours as playing organised sport is.

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