Tuesday, March 6

The Death of a Meme

It is with great regret that I write that making it matter has passed away.  Not passed on, as I am not about to announce the next proud owner.  Instead it has just passed away as a sad little meme that never really took off.

That's not to say I won't still be finding things to make matter in my life and sharing them here, I just won't be harping on about every Monday. Not that I have been lately anyway but now there will be no self inflicted pressure to get something out just incase someone was going to join in.  Only to spend the week disappointed when that doesn't happen.

The most ridiculous part about the whole waiting for others to join in is that I was only ever doing it because of benefits I was gaining in my own life.  At the end of the day it shouldn't  matter whether anyone else shared their story or not because as long as I was moving forward little else really mattered.  I got too busy caught up thinking about all the cool blogs that host memes and wanting to be like them.  Rather than just concentrating on being the best me I can be.

So where to now?

To tell you the truth I am not really sure. Part of me feels a bit overwhelmed by much of life.  Though it is not as dire as that sentence sounds.  There is just souch I want to do, coupled with all that I need to do that fimding the best place to start can be easier said than done.

All in all I  am in a pretty good place.  Things are moving forward albeit slower than I would prefer but forward is still forward.  They say that slow and steady wins the race...
For the first time in I don't know how long I don't feel like the housework is an unachievable mountain I'll never climb. Instead it is more like a bump in the road that I know I can now get through.  After years of disorganisation and chaos I'm finally learning that establishing loose routines and regular habits can be a great benefit to everyone. It turns out that perhaps life does need some sort of loose structure to it to help you get the most out of it.

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-fairy wishes and butterfly kisses