Sunday, January 23


It is something that I am constantly thinking about.
Apparently it is great for people to have time to oneself. Personally I am not sure I am sold on the notion. But perhaps that is just because as a mother alone time is something of a stranger to me.

Anyway this afternoon was deemed as free time. Only it didn't really go as I imagine free time should. I guess it is all about how you define free time. On this point the whole house is at a loss. When I heard that it was free time I thought oh goody I could do some writing.

Instead I ended up giving the girls a manicure, which I must say was great. I had planned to give myself a bit of a pedicure as well but I got bored and lost interest and only managed to take the incredibly chipped and nearly 2 month old blue stuff off.

Right now the children are all gathering round demanding attention and while it may sound terrible I just want to scream leave me alone, just for two minutes please leave me alone.

Instead I will leave you with this terrible post and hope for my time to do a new one soon.


  1. The internal scream of "Leave me alone" echos around the mum world every nano second of every day! You are not alone

  2. Awe thanks, I just always feel rather guilty when I scream it.


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