Tuesday, January 11


Okay so I just stopped by to check out how I left things and OMG! It is worse than terrible.

As I sat here watching the pictures load, the image that appeared before me was one of terror and disbelief. I was so shocked by what I saw I was compelled to start writing. (Which ok is not such a bad thing)

Anyways I must admit that I knew to expect something terrible but it was just the level of terrible that really surprised me. Actually I am not sure that terrible even really describes the gut turning bile I witnessed... (runs of to find thesaurus)...

There is so much going on in the world at the moment. Currently one of the spotlights is on South Eastern Queensland, Australia. They are experiencing the worst floods since 1974. As I am writing this I suddenly realise that this is also the same year that Darwin had a visit from Tracy.

Now other than a topic of conversation the floods thankfully are not near me and as yet I haven't heard of too many people who know someone personally affected. Time of course will change that. The disaster is still in the making and there is much yet to unfold. Thanks (or possibly not) to modern communication we are able to practically watch the event take place.

My heart and prayers to all who will in one way or another be touched by this tragic time. May the casualties be as few as possible and the loss as little as can be.

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