Sunday, August 31

Strange Fruit Spheres

Now I know that it is not the world's greatest photo, but it was the best that I can do undr current circumstances.
For those who don't know what they are looking at please let me explain.
These are the performers known as Strange Fruit.
(click the link for more info)
I (along with thousands of others) was fortunate enough to attended the recent performance in Darwin.

Today's Tongue Twister
Say Strange Fruit Spheres for as long as you can as fast as you can

Not only is Strange Fruit Spheres a great tongue twister but it is also an absolutely brilliant visual stimulating group of performers. If they are ever in a town near you I strongly suggest that you go along as they are certainly worth seeing.

I realise that a bit of info about what they do would be handy, or perhaps what the show was actually about, however I am not interested in sharing those details at this particular point in time.

Their performance on four metre high flexible poles will leave you almost breathless as the concept of Freedom within restrictions is played out between your eyes. Accompanied by enjoyable music and magical lights this show leaves the whole family entertained.

Anyway their performance has inspired the artist within me. Actually as the prime cultural season draws to a close here in preparation for the upcoming wet season my creative juices are flowing like the expected rain in a few short months.

At least we are all hoping that the rain will come. Given I live in the tropics chances are pretty high it will, though with all this talk of global warming and climate change perhaps it won't. Of course though given the threat of flood to some areas in recent years hopefully we won't get to much!

It all gets back to that delicate balance in life.

I am constantly amazed at the tangents I take in life. Or rather the tangents my thoughts can scatter around my head. Being aware that a new reader, or someone not accustomed to the method in my madness may have difficulties following me at times, I try to maintain some sort of smooth flow to my concepts but it does not always pan out the way I plan!

Rest assured though that as time goes by and you travel further down this some what elusive twisty turny path known as my life it will all begin to unravel before your eyes.

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