Sunday, August 17

So Easily Sidetracked!

That is me! Always up for a distraction. Doesn't matter what I am doing I can always find something else that will find my attention.

You know how people say that women, particularly mothers, are some of the worlds best at multitasking? Well I take multitasking to a whole new level. In fact I think it is fair to say that there is never a point in time when I have just one job on at a time.

Take right now for instance. In my bid to conquer the world with my writing this is supposed to be my "Writing Time". Where as the name suggest I spend time writing, and while I am getting a few words down here and there it is not much more than a line or two at a time.

I will no sooner get a good sentence out and I will think 'ooohh I wonder if the flower pot is in the London Market yet?' and then promptly go and find out. You see folks I have an infliction known to some as the Rat Packer's Addiction.

Once again the forces of FaceBook have struck! This time in the form of a card collecting and trade game called Rat Pack. A truly addictive and time consuming game. It has mastered the art of desensitizing the brain to the perfect level of monotony yet still be interesting.

Anyway all this talk of has sent my withdrawal through the roof so I must be off.

I have included a full list of my blogs labels so please have a browse around. I have recently developed the desire to meet lots of new people so please drop me a line and say hi.

Feel free also to sign up for a RSS Feed, I assure you that the current updates will not want to be missed. After being relatively idol now for nearly 6 months I have decided to kick myself into over drive!

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