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Pressing buttons, gaining experience
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Writing is often based on experience.

At least that is a connection I have always made. When I was younger I remember thinking no need for me to write yet I still have more 'experience' to gain.

I am still of the belief that I have more experiences to go through to enhance my writing ability, however even at the tender age of 30 the reality is I have had plenty of experiences that are worth writing about

So what makes an experience worth writing about I hear you ask. Hard to say really as I ask myself the same thing on a regular basis. Though a great writer can make any even the smallest thing sound exciting. The trick is in finding a way to engage people I guess...

There is no denying that we have 'experiences' everyday. As a life long learner new experiences are a regular occurrence. Really what if all boils down to though is perspective.

My perspective is that every time I met a new person it is the start of a new experience. In fact almost every conversation is the start of a new experience if you let it be. Sometimes it will just be an extension of a similar experience but all in all it is a new one.

So my new experience today involves shopping. Sure, I have been shopping before but today was slightly different. Today I was shopping with lots of money. Today I wasn't shopping for something that was needed. Today I was shopping to fulfill wants!

Hubby wanted a new TV. He is a big fan of keeping up with the Jones's, and they have a big flash TV. So naturally he wanted a bigger flasher TV. I have dreams of becoming an acclaimed photographer so I wanted a new SLR camera. (Why limit myself to writing I say!)

So thanks to the kind reimbursement from the tax man, our family is now the proud owners of a Panasonic 42 inch plasma TV and Sony Digital Twin Lens SLR.

How did this become and experience worth writing about?

Simple really. Everything about the purchase was positive. The sales assistant was friendly and helpful. My husband and I both come from sales backgrounds so we are very dubious purchasers. We always think we are getting ripped off (that is after all what salesmen do) Today however it didn't matter. Greg, our assistant made us feel totally comfortable with it. He was giving us exactly what we wanted.

However it was when we got our new toys home that the fun really began. We discovered that the TV was definitely too big for our existing entertainment unit (we had thought as much though). Not only that but in his rush to set things up hubby neglected to read the instructions which left us thinking we had not got a digital TV which was one of the main reasons we decided to upgrade. (Turns out we just needed to press the right button)

Meanwhile in camera land I have to wait nearly 3 hours before I could take a photo. Why they don't sell these things with a full battery I will never know. I also realised that my existing memory card would not fit and I needed a new carry bag. Thankfully the shop is just down the road!

Even going back was a pleasurable experience but not one I need to go on about much more for fear that your experience here may became tarnished as I head towards boring!

Was your last shopping experience worth writing home about?

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