Thursday, August 22

Things I Know I Am Thankful For

Francesca Writes HereIt feels like forever and a day since I last wrote a Thankful Thursday post. Perhaps because it just about has been?
 Just in case curiosity gets the better of you as well my last thankful post was way back in April when I was thankful for getting the chance to hang with Samuel Johnson and the Love Your Sister crew. The post is here if you are interested

But enough living in the past and back to now. Well back to last week when the lovely Miss Cinders announced that she would be moving Things I Know to a Thursday rather than Friday. Which I think actually suits me a little more but as the link stays open for a whole week it doesn't make a whole lot of difference I guess, but now I am just rambling.

Anyway since I am super thankful for bloggers like Miss Cinders and Francesca (and all the others who host awesome linkies) it only seemed right to combine the both together.
I know I am always thankful for a good coffee

I know that even though I may not have publicly shared my thanks for a while it doesn't mean I haven't been thankful for a whole range of good fortune. From winning tickets to a concert, to being surrounded by lovely friends, and not to mention watching three delightful girls grow before my very eyes.

I know that I am thankful to have finally finished making this little video. I am also thankful that I had the opportunity, skills and time to make it. Not to mention, being super thankful for all the lovely comments I have been given regarding it.

I know that while I am super thankful to be the proud new owner of a flash fang dangled iron I am not necessarily inspired to iron on a more regular basis.

I know I am thankful that we have the opportunity to hang out at movies tonight as a family. The Deckchair Cinema is hosting a fundraising night for a local basketball team. They are showing Dispicable Me 2. At the normal cinemas it was just too expensive for us all to go but the Deckchair Cinema does family tickets for $30. Totally winning. 

I know I am thankful that when Mr Awesome comes home he never complains about how little housework I have done. And on the rare occassions that I have actually done some he not only notices but shows his appreciation as well.

I know that should possibly inspire me to do more but sadly it doesn't.

I know that I am thankful I managed to get this post finished before school pick time arrived. I may or may not have been a little late the other day because I just had to get my video post finished. This may or may not have been the same day I was proudly boasting at my ability to choose to take the children to school on time rather than make them late in a bid to finish that blasted video.

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