Tuesday, November 6

Tied in knots

A few months ago, actually quite a few months ago now we went camping. We have a special little spot that we like to go and hang for days at a time with our bestest friends. They have kids that match the ages of ours and everyone gets along just beautifully.

This magically spot that we like to visit is on the beach. Which makes it just perfect for kite flying. Oh how I love kite flying. We even went and purchased two new kites for the kids to fly. One was just your ordinary stock standard kite shaped kite. The other was a fang dangled flash one that came with two stings to control it. Apparently this enables you to do tricks and things.

Do not ever give such a kite to six year olds.

The only trick they will be able to do is one that makes the string look like this.

Hours upon hours I have spent trying to detangle this stupid string. Hours.

This is the part I am currently working on. Doesn't look like much does it? Oh but it is.
Of course once I do this little bit there is still this to go.


Mr Awesome thinks I should walk away from it. Toss it in the bin and by a new reel of string for the kits. In fact since the kite was only $5 he thinks that perhaps I should just buy a whole new kite. But I can't.

The thought of this string and these knots getting the better of me is just too much to bare. I will not be defeated. It is almost like these knots represent the mess I feel my life is in at the moment. If I can just sort these knots out then life will just unjumble itself as well.

So if it's a little quite here you now know why.

For now though I am joining in with the #IBOT crew over at the very new and very lovely Essentially Jess