Friday, November 30

Things I Know About Getting Older

I know that as you age less means more.  Which doesn't always make sense.  Less alcohol when older seems to mean more of a hangover than when you were younger.

I know that to cater for this change the type of parties that you are invited to tend to change a little.  Where once a party didn't get started till at least 10 pm it is now well and truly over by then.  In fact the preferred party starting time is now somewhere closer to 10 am.

I know that when I thought of this post two days ago (experiencing the greater than expected hangover from less than what I once drank) I had many more funny points to bring up.

I know that after having sat in my draft folder for a very long time I still haven't recalled any of the funny points I originally thought of. In fact I am even starting to question if I had any in the first place. Perhaps my brain was just addled by the alcohol? Thankfully drinking is not something I  do a lot of any more.

I do however know a few not so funny things about getting older that I am only to happy to share though. Which I know you are just ecstatic about ;)

I know that getting older is far more exciting as a child. As a child getting older means reaching new achievements and more new things to discover and learn. Possibilities are endless and hope abounds. While this may still be true our whole life through, once we are older we tend to think more of what should've could've been as we become jaded by past experiences and lessons learnt and sometimes not, along the way.

I know that watching a child get older, particularly when they are your own, is at times bittersweet. For as lovely as it is to watch them grow and learn and experience the wonders of the world there is also a desire to pause and freeze it all. To hold onto the time that is now.

I know that regardless of how old you are it is important to

and not get caught up in the past.

I know that with one girl teetering on the edge of puberty, another with a mouthful gaps and wobbly teeth and the third gaining new words at knots faster than gusty winds I am only to well aware of what it is like watching children getting older. It is happening right before my very eyes.

I know that watching one's children get older is much nicer than watching one's parents get older. The whole cycle of life thing really does go full circle.

Finally I know that I just love joining in with Miss Cinders and the lovely Grace