Friday, May 18

Losing what I know

As I stated on a FB update earlier this morning

I don't like to complain because on so many levels my life is so incredibly wonderful but at the same time this week has also been a big cup of crapola as well.  Actually it might even have been longer than a week now I really am not sure.  

It is like a lazy autopilot has been switched on and I am just trying to stay in the air.  Everything is out of whack and belongs in the way too hard basket.  Every little thing seems to be getting on my normally strong as steel nerves.

I know that lots of little things that just keep on piling up, make everything just down right sucky.

Things like a sick child all week long.  The too sick to go to school but not really sick enough to lay around sleeping and doing nothing kind of sick.  The drive me absolutely batty by the end of the week kind of sick that now appears to be passed on to youngest.  Ensuring the sleep deprivation already experienced will continue to grow.

Things like the mother at school who informed me she felt the school had already gotten enough out of her and as such she was not in a position to help me find some more parents to help out in an upcoming fundraiser.  

Things like the fact I just hung out a load of towels that have sat in washing machine for more days than I care to remember.  I do know that they have been washed three times though.  I also know that in order to hang them out.

Things like the never ending leaning towers of dishes that are always surrounding my already cramped and tiny sink space.

Things likes constant piles of washing in need of washing, folding and being put away.  Only to be torn out of the cupboard, worn for a short while and then left laying on the floor somewhere between the bedroom and bath room.

When I started this post I was planning on joining in with Saturday Morning Orge Mum's

I 've been meaning to for a while.  She is one of my favourite bloggers.  Only like I said before I generally don't like to complain... so here is me trying to look for the bright side.

I know that there are many children out there much sicker than my lot.  Mums who have gone months, possibly even years on broken sleep due to tending to the needs of their sick kids.  

I know that it is nothing to serious wrong with them because for all the coughing and spluttering I have listened to this past week Miss Nearly Six is still super keen to go scootering, play hockey and just generally exert a heap of energy I don't think she should have if unwell.

I know that it will only be a few more days and they will be back as good as gold and I will get much longer intervals of uninterrupted sleep.

I know that the mother mentioned above does do a lot more than many other parents at the school (which is why I had sought her assistance).  

I know that we can all only do so much.  I don't actually begrudge what she said to me, just more the way in which it was said.

I know that if I do a load of washing every single day it is all much more manageable.  Same with the dishes.

I know that Mr Awesome is having his own crap week at work and as such he can be excused from some housework duties.  After all that is meant to be my domain.  Apparently.  Plus the past two days have seen him finally doing some dishes after what seems like forever of not doing any.

Only that wasn't so much of a bright side, more like a heap of stuff I know.  Makes me wonder if perhaps I should be joining in with Singular Insanity's
Anyway thanks to the sick children and my short attention span this post has taken the better part of a day to write.  Talk about banging your head against things.

Oh and it's Friday.  So let's get flogging