Thursday, July 16

Thankful Thursday - Fun and Friendship

If you follow my Facebook or Instagram feed then this week's thanks is probably not going to come as a surprise.

This week I am thankful that the girls and I were able to hang with the gorgeous Zippy Zappy Life gang for a few days. We had been fortunate enough to share Christmas last year with this amazing family and since then the girls have been constantly asking when we would be able to see them again. The school holidays seemed like the perfect opportunity.

We arrived mid Monday afternoon. The two and a half hour felt like it took a great deal longer than it did. Possibly due to the fact that I took the scenic route. And I am thankful that I did because it was incredibly scenic.

There were endless rolling hills, quaint trees and plenty of cows. I do love looking at cows in their pastures. The scenic route also lead me to ridiculously cheap fuel, a good ten cents cheaper than what I normally pay. There were also a few train tracks that we were forced to wait at while trains went by, which the girls found incredibly exciting.

When we did finally arrive it felt like we were catching up with family and I am so thankful that the girls are able to have such special friends in their lives. Watching all the kids play and interact over the two days just made my heart swell.

Our first night saw a bon fire gathering and I am thankful that the winds stayed low so we were able to enjoy the warmth and glow of the fire. The kids all delighted in toasting marshmallows and it was a real this is what childhood memories are made of moment.

The next day saw us tackle The Maze. Something we had planned to do when we were here last year only Zany hurting her ankle threw a slight spanner in the works. All is well that ends well though because we had a fabulous time exploring all the mazes this week.

Sadly though our time there had to come to an end, though not before we hit the biggest shopping centre in the west for some funky new kicks.

I am thankful that Zany has such cool taste in shoes and feels comfortable enough in herself to wear them.

There are actually a great deal many more things that I am thankful for as well but I am already running a tad late for work and Mother Dearest who I am thankful to have visiting at the moment is getting just a little pushy for me to leave.

So over to you, what are you thankful for today?

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