Tuesday, July 28

The end of an era

After nearly three months of uncertainty and limbo I have finally made a decision. This is my last blog post here on A Parenting Life.

From here on in I will be publishing over at my wonderful new site Rhianna Writes.

My excitement and sadness are in complete balance. Which is a bit nice and probably makes the excitement topple the sadness just a little.

So what made me finally take the dive after all this time?

Well basically Facebook kindly decided to change my Facebook name, which was one of two things that was holding me back. The other was that I thought it was important get to my one thousandth post here.  This little baby will be post number 981. Normally I don't get anal about things but every now and then I do and this just happened to be one of those times.

Only since I suddenly had a target I my mind went blank and writing posts suddenly became impossible.


Thankfully though I am super good at making up my own rules and changing them as I need to, so after a bit of thought I manage to convince myself that the whole thousand post thing didn't matter so much and I should just take the plunge and get on with post over at my new space.

So without further ado that is exactly what I am going to do.

Thank you so much for reading me all these years and I hope that you will continue to do so over at my new home.

Joining in for the last time with IBOT as A Parenting Life
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