Saturday, March 7

Still hanging at Barn Hill. Day 59 (Sept 16)

Today I took the opportunity today to finish reading the Hunger Games series. Still amazed that I had written it off when the rest of the world was raving about it.

While I submersed myself in my book the girls happily entertained themselves. Though by the afternoon they started to require my attention.

I loved how Lovely was so insistent on being the one
to run beside her.
Since I had not really done a lot of moving over the last few days I decided it was the perfect time to work on teaching Teapot how to ride her bike without training wheels. There was plenty of flat open ground and not a lot of people around so it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

She has such a great sense of balance and can ride a scooter incredibly well I figured it would not take much to get her biking riding. It was more about building her confidence up to try than anything else.

After a bit of convincing to just have a go she was away and before long the big sisters were in on the act of helping her get started and she was cycling like a professional.

Once the novelty of cycling wore off, or rather we got sick of helping her get started we headed down to the beach to explore in the other direction. So far most of our waking had involved walking to our left. Today we headed to our right. 

It was much like the left only completely different as well.

The rocks didn’t seem to be as red and the distance the water came up seemed to differ as well. We did however find some lovely spots to take a few selfies!

As is so often the case, the walk home so every one else out in front while I toddled on behind, snapping away at all kinds of things that took my fancy.

Including this,

Father and daughter skipping along the water's edge together
which could very well be one of my most favourite photos ever. 

Though this one also rates rather high on the list.

The perfect end to another fabulous day in paradise.
 photo fwbksignature_zps702ebc7d.jpg

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