Tuesday, March 10

Yet another day in paradise

Today was not unlike yesterday. Lots of relaxing and just being with each other. Mr Awesome decided he wanted to try his hand at fishing. Primarily because one of the old locals gave him some bait and told him how to find his ‘secret’ location.

Personally I am only a fan of fishing if there is a guarantee that fish will be caught. I couldn’t see that this was a guaranteed situation so Lovely and I decided to hang back at camp for awhile. Mr A and the two little ones headed off to the furthest end of the beach they could find.

I probably used my relatively unattended time wisely and did something like crochet or read. While Lovely did some reading of her own or perhaps colouring in. It is a little hard to recall the finer details of it all because I am actually typing this up some hundred and seventy days after it actually occurred. #keepingitreal

Before too long Lovely was complaining of starvation which led me to think the others would be doing the same. In a bid to enter the mother and wife of the year I decided to prepare some food and take it down to the hunters. Lovely decided that packet pasta was the preferred dining option for all so we set about whipping some up.

While some might have found it a little strange to head to the beach with a saucepan of pasta to me it seemed perfectly reasonable. In fact I thought the others would be all kinds of excited to have a pasta picnic on the sand. Well apart from Zany who is not really a fan but I had a few tins of tuna and corn to tide her over.

As suspected the hunger pains had begun to ravish the other two so we were more than welcomed with our meagre offerings of food. As was also suspected no fish had yet been caught. A fun time had been had by all though so little else really mattered.

Lovely in the open topped rock cave
Once every one had finished eating I had the brilliant idea to wash the bowls in the rather roughish surf. Unfortunately I didn’t have the brilliant idea to hold onto the bowls tightly while I washed them in the rather roughish surf and not one but two bowls were ripped out of my fingertips and washed out to sea.

With the dishes taken care of I set about exploring some of the rocks with the girls. There was one particular area where the rocks formed a little open top cave. Lovely thought this was a prime place to try her modelling. There is no denying that the girl is incredibly photogenic.

All the photo taking on a secluded beach made me think of my mate Coombsey and his Naked Tuesday Page. Even though it wasn’t technically a Tuesday I decided to get my gear of and snap a couple of shots to share. Combsey has been diagnosed with terminal cancer but rather than just roll over and give up the ghost he is determined to get out there and make the rest of his life, the best of his life. I motto which I find rather inspiring and try to abide by as much as possible as well.
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The waves and the wind turned out to be far to rough for fish catching so Mr A packed up and headed home with us all in tow. Weary from a day on the sand and in the sun but full of love and happiness.

It's Tuesday and while I haven't got my gear off I have managed to sort a blog post, which is my other favourite past time for Tuesdays as it means I get to join in with Essentially Jess for IBOT
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