Wednesday, November 19

Not existing, trying to focus, and galahs

With less than a week to go here in Sunny Karratha it is fair to say I am just a little bit excited. I mean don’t get me wrong Karratha is a lovely little place but for now my time here has just about expired. 

one thing I will miss when we leave
Mr Awesome’s temporary return to the workforce was a brutal reminder of just how much I like having him round 24/7. And not just me either. While the girls haven’t said anything their behaviour suggests that they had become accustomed to having him around all the time as well.

The fact that our days of late have involved whole stacks of nothing may of course have something to do with all of this as well.

In a bid to conserve money we have been trying to spend as much time as possible at home. Which is all well and good apart from when home is a tiny little caravan and most days the temperature reaches forty degrees.

Thankfully there have been a few other kids around so the girls have been able to make a few friends here and there to break up the boredom. Of course their friends inevitably move on though and then devastation ensues because they will never be seen again. Devastation that lasts only till the next van of kids come in I might add. It’s a later, rinse, repeat thing.

Rather than making most of the available downtime and catching up with all my words still waiting to be written I have busily been telling myself of for my lack of productivity. Why I don’t just use the energy to actually do something I have no idea. I guess it is much easier to come up with pathetically weak excuses and then chastise myself for my stupidity.

As much as I try and tell myself that it doesn’t matter if no one reads the blog any more, it does. It makes me all kinds of sad to think that I have failed to find a way to entice people in. But that is perhaps just the story of my life. I somehow fail to entice people in on all kinds of levels.

There are only two people from home that have contacted me since I left. Mind you I have not exactly been writing letters home either, but I did have a fanciful notion that the odd person might have left a little Facebook message here and the inquiring about my travels. Of course I also thought a few might have wished me well before I left but they didn’t. It’s almost like I just ceased to exist.

But enough of all this poor bugger me.

There are people out there fighting real battles, two of which have recently approached me to share their story. Neither of which I have done yet. The thought of failing NaNoWriMo (yet again) has had me avoiding the laptop like it is the plague. 

Today however is a new day and I will treat it as such. I will let go of all my preconceived fears and ridiculous thoughts that continually hold me back and I will take action.

Starting now.

Stay tuned.
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