Monday, November 10

Hello Broome!

Having a beach to walk along was pure bliss
 Today was a bit of a recover and supply day. When we finally ventured out it was to gather more food and little else. The girls were a bit overwhelmed with the thought of being able to go inside a shopping centre so most of our time was spent wandering around in the air conditioning.

As a special treat we thought it would be nice to go out for breakfast/brunch (read as we didn’t have anything I felt like cooking or eating at home). Over one hundred dollars later we were all fed and I was rudely reminded as to why we don’t eat out. 

Our original plan after Windjana Gorge was to head back to Derby for a few nights and then hot tail it down the coast to Broome. I am hesitant to cover much more than two hundred kilometres a day. We are after all in no rush and there is so much to see. I am particularly keen to take it extra slow at the moment because I need to fly out of Broome at the end of the month to duck back to Darwin to see McDreamy.

However having been to Derby already it really felt like there was nothing worth going back to look at again. So we settled ourself up for a big day in the car and went straight to Broome yesterday.

Initially we were just going to take our chances and rock up at a random van park and hope they had a vacancy but twenty minutes or so out of town I decided that I couldn’t handle that type of rejection and rang ahead. Which turned out to be a rather wise move.

Due to it still being peak season vacancies were in short supply and it was only my phoning ahead that secured us a spot. Actually secured us the last spot.

By the time we arrived it was well past lunch time and the kids were well past needing food. Rather than make them wait till we had unpacked (which takes approximately ninety minutes) I had the brilliant idea to just unpack enough to turn the fridge on in Edna and then go find some take away for lunch. And by takeaway I meant Maccas. As awful as it can be I was pretty starving and in need of food pronto.

Camp Broome - Roebuck Bay Caravan Park. The oldest van park in Broome.
A quick stop in at Woolies for milk and something for dinner and we headed back to the van park to finish unpacking and have an early night. As much as driving doesn’t actually use much energy it is still incredibly draining.

We are staying at the Roebuck Bay Caravan Park which overlooks the Town Beach. Our site is a row or two back from actually being on the edge of the beach but it didn’t matter much as we could see the water perfectly from where we were. It was only a short walk down to the beach though and before long we were all wandering the beach feeling the sand between our toes. It felt nice to be back on the coastline.

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