Thursday, July 10

Surrounded by a crowd for a quiet moment for me

Sounds crazy I know, submersing yourself in a crowd in a bid to find some peace and quiet but given how crazy life feels at present it actually seems to make perfect sense. Well to me at least. 

As I type this I am sitting on my Pat Malone on a soon to be crowded beach. There are already a quite few others wandering down, dinner in hand, to watch the amazing view unfold before their very eyes. 

Normally I would avoid here like the plague. The crowds of people ambling through the market stalls puts me on an edge I would rather not be near. Tonight though my inner being pleaded to get away from normality. So here I am. 

The Mindil Beach Sunset Markets are somewhat of an institution in Darwin. They rate highly on the tourists must see list and are apparently world renowned. 

Given that this time next week we are supposed to be on the road I figured I should head down one last time before we go. Soak up the unique atmosphere of multiculturalism blending together to create a harmony found in few other places. The fact that Mr Awesome said he would hang at home with the two little ones made it all the more appealing. 

I am not coping well with the whole getting ready leave thing at all. Not even a little. 

We already have a lot less money than we had expected. Getting the house ready has been more expensive than we had thought. Which frustrates me no end. It was fine for us to live in why can't it be fine for someone else to live in?

Deep down though I know the answer. It was fine for us because we were paying off our mortgage. Who ever lives here next will also be payin off our mortgage. Of course we should make it a but nicer for them. 

The sun is now even closer to hitting the water. The crowds of people on the sand has nearly tripled since I sat down. I find the hoards of people stumbling over the soft sand dunes midly amusing. Cameras in hand to take the perfect shot of the setting sun. Anyone would think it is a once off event never to be repeated again. 

I will slip away from the beach before the golden ball meets the water. Getting something for dinner will be easier while the masses wait for darkness to descend. Plus tonight is an unusually cloudy evening. Making the view not as spectacular as some I have seen. 

Dinner consists of a Thai pawpaw salad. One that is a little too chilli for my liking but what can you do? At least there was no cooking on my part nor dishes to be done. The burning in my mouth will justify the ice cream I will seek before my solitude it brought to a halt and I am forced to return to the normality of my life. 

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