Wednesday, July 23

A bit bumpy, but all's well that ends well

By the time we reached Katherine Mr Awesome and I had decided that our best option was to bunk down in a motel for the night. Not exactly the start we were hoping for but the thought of unpacking everything just for one night was a little daunting. Especially since we were both on the verge of exhaustion and running on empty. By not having to pack everything up the next day we would be able to get the elusive early morning departure.

As it turned out staying in accommodation for the night was the best idea we could ever had had.

Shortly before we arrived at our destination Zany started to mention that she felt a little unwell. Being the parents of the year that we are we paid her no heed at put it down to motion sickness and staring at her iPod screen for too long. By the time we were checked into our room and showering for dinner Zany was curled up in a ball and fast asleep. 

Hearing the chatter about our options for tag teaming for dinner though she woke up and declared she was feeling well enough to come with us. Sadly her recovery was only short lived and before we had even ordered she was asking to return to the room. 

Mr Awesome left me to order and escorted her back. By the time he returned my stomach had decided to go out in sympathy with Zany’s and I was forced to make a quick departure. Before long I was curled up fast asleep as well hoping that the little food I had managed to consume would stay put. Sadly it was not to be though.

What ensued felt like one of those nights that just never seems to end. If I was jumping out of bed to race to the bathroom for my own needs then a child was calling out across the room asking for a drink or something or other.

So much for our early morning getaway.

Shortly after 7.30 I gave up with trying to rest and decided to face the day. Zany was feeling marginally better than the night before which was pleasing. I felt almost human which was even more pleasing. Sadly though Mr A was not feeling so crash hot.

Eventually we managed to sort ourselves out enough to hit the road. Knowing that we only had about a two hour drive made things easier. We had decided to head to Flora National Park. It is situated about 135 km southwest of Katherine. 

We arrived just before lunchtime. Though because we had skipped breakfast everyone was ravenous. Unpacking as quickly as we could, it wasn’t long before Lovely was in charge of cooking some sausages. For some reason though by the time they were cooked everyone’s hunger had somehow disappeared. Apparently a stash of mandarins had been located and devoured while they waited for the snags to cook.

Mr Awesome then took the two little girls to get firewood and I used it as an opportunity to catch up on some of the sleep I had missed during the night. It never ceases to amaze me how that the girls always prefer to ask me the questions over their dad. Even if it means waking me while he is sitting there bright eyed and bushy tailed.

Once I came to terms with the fact that I was still not go to get any sleep we headed down to the river for a bit of a gander. Unfortunately it is populated by crocodiles so swimming is out of the question. As is the inflatable canoe and dingy.

By the time we returned from our little walk it was time to start dinner. A nice and easy pasta, that halfway through cooking Zany informed me she would not eat on account of not liking it. Which apparently she has told me on numerous occasions so why do I not remember these things? 

Ah well, I don’t remember these things because last time I cooked it (not two weeks ago as well) she hoed into it like there was no tomorrow. Which normally I would not be bothered about in the slightest but I had not accounted for eating any this day as I thought she didn’t like it!

Kids huh?

I momentarily contemplated reminding her of all this but then couldn’t be bothered. It was just as easy to open a tin of spaghetti and give that to her. Which with her upset tummy still threatening to explode seemed like a much more feasibly option than a rich and creamy pasta.

After dinner Mr A lit the fire and the girls found sticks for toasting marshmallows on. Suddenly it felt like we really were on holidays.
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