Tuesday, July 1

Crazy times just getting crazier

With work well and truly down with now all my spare time can be directed towards the final stages of house packing and renovating. Though even just typing that out leaves me feeling slightly exhausted. There is just so much to do and be done.

The kitchen has not progressed since we last met. Well that is not exactly true, the walls have changed colour but that is about it.

Halfway through packing up on the weekend Mr Awesome and I realised that the walls just and to be painted. You know because we didn't already have enough to do. Anyways since we are still waiting to have the kitchen installed it seemed to make sense to get the kitchen walls out the way now.

A quick trip to our local hardware store and and even quicker stay in the paint aisle and before we knew it two cans of paint and a whole heap of painting paraphernalia were on the way home with us.

Now if I was a good home renovations blogger I would be able to tell you what flash and fancy names were on the paint tins. Instead all I can say is they are a lovely shade of yellow and very very light blue.

The kitchen is a pretty simple and white so I am hoping it will blend well with the yellow walls. As much as everyone who walked into my old red kitchen said it was awful I really loved the brightness of it all. Hence the yellow walls.

Fingers and toes crossed that as you are reading this my lovely kitchen boy is busily installing my kitchen. With less than two weeks till are planned departure date it feels like we are quickly running out of time.

Our beds and most of the stuff we plan on keeping have now been safely popped into storage (mental note I must still sort insurance). There are so many thoughts buzzing round my head that sometimes I find it hard to keep track of them. Nothing really new there I know, but this time round they are all kind of important.

Since all our prized possessions are packed away and we have no workable kitchen we have decided to move Edna to mum's and take up residence there. It also gives us a chance to start packing Edna and work out what fits where.

Exciting times abound.

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