Monday, March 10

I must confess I was a terrible linky host last week

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As you are probably well aware on Thursdays I host a little linky called Thankful Thursday. Taking it on has been one of my bloggy dreams come true.

I love that it encourages people to stop and think about what they have to be thankful for. Actually I love that it makes me stop and think what I am thankful for as well. Some days are much easier than others and it is the harder days to find thanks that I am generally the most grateful to have made myself stop and think about it.

It is kinda like stopping to smell the roses I guess. Even when there aren't necessarily any to be smelt.

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As there are generally only a handful of bloggers that join in I am able to go and read each and every one of them. I also tend to tweet the links and then pin them to a Pinterest Thankful Thursday board. I was sharing on Google as well but due to me not having a Google button on my web browser and not enough people having a Google share button on their posts I stopped.

Last week however I must confess I didn't do any of that.

In fact it wasn't until very late on Sunday night that I even got around to commenting on the posts that had joined in. Which makes me feel all kinds of bad I can tell you.

I mean if bloggers can go to the trouble of writing a post about their thanks and then linking it up the very least I can do is have a read and leave a comment isn't it? After all the other thing I love about hosting Thankful Thursday is the community that it is creating. And we all know blog communities are only created by sharing lots of comment love.

Between going to the dentist, working and then the poor old dog, I just couldn't make the time to sit at the computer. Much to my disappointment I assure you. And while I know that chances are everyone is completely understanding of all of this I still needed to get it off my chest so to speak.

So there you have it. A terrible blog host I was. And with two weeks of full time work kicking off today I am not sure this week will be much better. Fingers and toes crossed that children go to bed nice and early Thursday night and I can do it then.

Got something you need to get off your chest? Join in here Well at least for this week while the lovely Kirsty puts her feet up and takes care of herself xx
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