Sunday, February 2

Snapshots of Us Week 3

As I mentioned last week I love the idea of making sure I take at least one photo of the girls each and every week, just linking in with Practising Simplicity's The 52 Project didn't feel right. There was something about all those children's faces on the link up screen that didn't sit well with me. Especially as it was clearly not a community that shared some comment love.

After much thought and consideration I have finally come up with a way round it. I am just going off and doing my own thing. So I give to you Snapshots of Us

It has been a week of torrential downpours here so when the sun decided to shine we made the most of it and jumped on our bikes and head down to the foreshore for a fish 'n' chip lunch and a play at the playground.

Teapot going round and round and round

 Zany, also going round and round

And you guessed it, Lovely, going round and round

Me and Mr Awesome, not going round and round

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