Friday, February 7

Things I Know About Running Off With Someone Else's Linky

TIK at A Parenting LifePoor Miss Cinders is not feeling the best. She has caught the dreaded lurgy that has been infecting her kids all week long and is so unwell she can't even think about looking at her computer to share some of what she knows.

Then to make things even worse her silly phone had a hissy fit and wouldn't let her post on her Facebook page explaining there would be no Things I Know this week. She asked if I would be so kind as to leave a message on her wall to let everyone know what was going on. Which of course I was only too happy to do.

Until I had a brain wave and realised I could do one better than that.

I could just host the linky myself! After all it is not like I haven't before.

So here I am unofficially running off with Things I Know this week. I say unofficially because while I did tell Miss C that is what I was gong to do, I didn't exactly wait for her ok to go ahead with it. But I am pretty sure that she would be a pleased as punch.

You see I know how much she loves me (and I her for that matter)

See, nothing but lots of love there
I know that the moment Miss Cinders and I met in real life I felt like I was in the company of a bestie I had known all my life.

I know that I hate the fact we live at opposite ends of the country and are both too poor (financially and time wise) to hang out with each other on a regular basis.

I know that when we go on our trip of a life time we will be stopping by to see the lovely Miss C.

I know that neither Mr Awesome or Miss Cinders were aware of that before this moment.

I know that there are actually lots of people that I want to drop in and see as we travel round.

I know that I should have gone to the trouble of putting the watermark on that photo in the white bar.

I know that it is too late for me to fuss around with such things.

I know being told you have a blood clot really throws you for six.

I know that in the scheme of blood clots mine appears to be one of the least worrying ones. Which is great because I am prone to being a worrier at the best of times over some things.

I know having to give myself injections is not fun.

I know I have not actually been able to inject myself so far.

I know that Mr A did a much better job tonight at jabbing me than he did last night.

I know I jinxed myself yesterday when I said I was thankful for children who went to bed without fuss.

I know fighting with children over going to sleep is one of the most frustrating things ever.

I know that going to work today was kinda exciting.

I know I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the whole serving customers and being around people.

I know I wondered how long that might last for.

I know I have probably rabbited on for long enough and now it is your turn to share in the things you know!

Oh and I also know that going and liking The Miss Cinders Facebook page would totally brighten up her day
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  1. Stupid tablet, I just commented and it has been eaten!

  2. Oh I'm so glad that you enjoyed it! Yes serving people actually isn't that bad I don't think, probably because it is pretty short sharp and shiny.
    You will need to give Miss Cinders a great big hug from me when you see her. :)


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