Sunday, December 2

Instagram Weekly

Another week over, a new one set to begin. What better way to look at the week that was than through the eyes of Instagram?


A stripey selfie on Sunday, clouds floating by, Jam Drops thanks to awesome recipe over at Saturday Morning Orge Mum and the lights waiting patiently to be wrapped around my humble home

Getting ready for Christmas. After ten years of a rather lovely fibre optic tree we went for a change this year with purple. I love it to say the least.

More Christmas treasures waiting to go up. I needed to pull them out a week early so that it wouldn't all be rushed on the first.


Getting my craft on with material flowers and bows. There will eventually be a post on these little babies I just need to fine tune a few things. Dishes, dishes and more dishes, it truly is a never ending battle. Miss Six lost a tooth, the fairy forgot to come, a letter was written. Whoops. More crafty flowers, this time as a headband.

More clouds, though not nearly as exciting as recent weeks, possibly due to my photo taking abilities or lack there of. Oh well. Me all ready to party at the #fybfxmas party. Just between you and me the whole cracking good Christmas comment that I posted with it really cracked me up! More flowers, bows and gorgeous jam drops. Man have I got those things sorted now.

Buttons, buttons, buttons! Saturday saw me getting crafty yet again. This time it was making button bracelets. Again a post will be written so stay tuned.

The button bracelets were presents for twins that had invited Miss Six to their party. The bracelets were not only a hit but also held the wrapping paper on the bubble bath saving me from using sticky tape. I felt so environmentally friendly. Me after a run. Actually after a shower after a run. In the mirror I looked a lot redder. Beautiful lights hanging in my garage. And last but not least, me trying to be all arty with my photos. I was going to save it for next week but I needed it to even out the photos for this post.
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