Saturday, November 24

The Internet - How I have viewed it's growth

Recently I have decided to retrace my blogging footsteps. I know that looking back is not always the most advisable way to move forwards but right now it just seems to make a whole lot of sense.

Anyway my first port of call was my draft folder. There were a heap of old posts sitting there with broken links in them. Some have just been deleted not worthy of a second thought. Others have been sent to a new folder where new life may be breathed into them in the future days. And some, are deemed worth of a reshare.

I am fairly certain that my current readers were not around back on January 19th 2008, which is when this post was originally written. The now defunct link was to a parenting site I use to write for, one that is no longer in existence unfortunately.

Anyway I give to you the following

This whole Internet concept is still rather new to me. When I first went to university there was no Internet. I remember huge amounts of hype of the computers in the 'special lab'. I had no idea where or what this meant, except the computers in there were of a much higher quality than any of the others.

When I finally discovered the location of this special lab, I was hugely disappointed. These computers didn't make me type my essays any faster or better. Nor did they do half the things today's machines do! I had no idea what all the fuss was about and made a firm commitment not to be any part of it.

I stood by conviction for many years. I avoided computers like the plague. I even went back to my trusty old type writer for my essays. It was electronic after all.

Over the years I became more aware of this place called the World Wide Web. It sounded fascinating but not for me. I enjoy the simple things in life and keeping up with technology was not a priority for me.

When I finally ventured to this web world it had a name change and now referred to as the internet. I found it difficult to navigate and didn't really enjoy the experience. I had lived without computers and the all the rest of it for this long I didn't need one now.

Around August last year, my husband and I purchased our first computer and quickly signed up to the internet. Which is now known as the Internet. I was quite surprised to see that internet was now worthy of a capital letter. Hard to believe it has evolved so much.

When I sat down to write this post I had something else I wanted to say but I am glad this story came out instead. It is one I have wanted to share for a while. I really was amazed that the Internet had grown so much that it now deserves a capital letter. Where had I been to have missed this milestone?

I will save my original post for another day. My husband is watching Dogma, I had forgotten how amusing it is so I am off.