Sunday, November 25

Instagram Weekly

Happy Sunday beautiful readers!

Another week has slipped on by. Leaving behind nothing more than a few happy snaps, or so to speak.

It has been a tough week here. The girls have all been a bit under the weather. Nothing too serious just snot and lethargy, especially in the morning. A change of weather thing, not aided by the peaceful sleep that comes with air conditioning.

Apparently the over night low the other night was 26. Twenty six is great for a day at the beach basking in the glory of a gentle sun. Twenty six is not conducive to a good night's sleep. Especially when there are multiple bodies within the vicinity

But I digress. Back to the photos

First up is a little Christmas Beetle that Miss Two found in my mother's front garden. She would have a happily sat and talked to it for hours. Number two needs no explanation really. As if I could have an Instagram Weekly without a coffee shot. My dearest bestest buddy since the first day of high school gave this shirt to Miss Eleven when she was about two. All three girls have loved wearing it. Finally some clouds. I love clouds.

A sunset. One of the most breathtaking things ever to watch. I never tire of it and trust me I have seen a few. Disgusting left in the fridge too long curry thing on the other hand is something I tire easily of. Took some time out to colour in with Miss Eleven. So much fun. Actually more relaxing than anything and certainly something I want to do again soon. Barbie perhaps need to reconsider what ever it is she has been up to.

Numbers one and two should actually switch places. As that is the order they occurred in. Number two is of the clouds all gathering round me with the promise of rain. Number one is the realization that promise has been broken. Miss Two was devastated when she couldn't go and play at the neighbours with the other two. She was told she had to wait till I folded the washing. Next up, more clouds, again without rain but since it was washing day I wasn't complaining. And last but not least Christmas is starting to appear.
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