Friday, May 25

On being a writer

One of the toughest things about trying to be a writer is getting started.  The coming up with ideas not a problem.  I have more ideas floating around my pretty little head than I know what to do with.  Actually getting those ideas out of said pretty little head and transferred through my fingertips to the keyboard and appear on the screen is another things altogether.

Writing is a process there is no doubt about that.  A process that is both different and alike for writers the world over.  Or at least I imagine it to be like that.  Having never really conversed much with writers the world over I am actually only guessing, but I am pretty sure I am on the money (or at least close to it).

For me I like to have a post title before I start writing.  It helps me stay focused on what I want to say.  Lately though coming up with a post title has not been as easy as I would like it to be.  Which is probably not a bad thing as sometimes I think that having a preconceived title would limit where the post naturally wanted to go.

After the title comes the first paragraph.  The one that is meant to entice the reader into coming to read more.  Obviously a very important feature in any post/article/written material.  For me this is where things get tricky.  You see I have my idea desperately trying to get out only I get so caught up in making that first paragraph amazingly awesome that on too many times for my liking I get in a great big tangle and nothing but swill comes pouring out.  Or worse still nothing comes out.  Though the truly worst part is when you start with something amazing and before you know it the amazing is gone and you are left floundering for words much like a fish out of water trying to breath.

Which is actually where I am now.  (Just in case you hadn't worked that out for yourself)

Last night I started to write a Thankful Thursday post.  Linking up with other writers for semi themed posts is just one of the ways I try to get around any writers block that I may be experiencing.  Plus it helps me get some readers and put myself out there.  I decided that I would write said post from my phone allowing me to laze on the couch and listen to The Footy Show while I wrote.

All was going relatively well.  The show was pretty funny and replayed many highlights from the great game the night before.  During the ads I was able to get some pure blogging brilliance out.  It was a win win all round.  Till my eyes started to blur, followed by a blackness.  It seems I was falling asleep.

Mr Awesome, who was pretty much doing the same in his arm chair (except without the blogging brilliance part) decided that it was time for bed.  Agreeing that was possibly one of the best ideas I had heard for a long time I trudged my weary self off to the comfort of bed as well.  The post, which was coming along quite nicely could wait till morning to be finished.

After a relatively good night's sleep with only minimal disruptions, Miss Two woke looking for a quick feed five minutes before the alarm went of.  She is particularly good at this.  So good in fact that I have stopped taking my alarm to bed, although Mr Awesome does not have the same faith in her.  Thankfully this morning she elected to go straight back to sleep allowing me some early morning child free time.  Which I kinda love.  A lot.  There is something extra soothing about sipping the first coffee of the morning without the company of little people.

Once Mr Awesome packed himself off to work I was ready to finish my blogging brilliance from the night before.  The better part of a post already written, including a title and great (even if I do say so myself) first paragraph.  Today really felt like it was on track to be awesome.  Sadly this was all rather short lived.

Upon picking up my phone I discovered that in my haste to go to bed the night before I had indadvertedly neglected to save my blogging brilliance.  Go me. Not.

So here I am enjoying the peace and quiet that comes early in the morning before children awaken trying to recreate the blogging brilliance of the night before.  While what I have created may still be considered by some, or possibly even many as slightly resembling blogging brilliance it is by no means even close to the post that I had started to write last night.

On the upside though it is now Friday and I have blogged which means I am now in a position to join in with Grace and flog.