Tuesday, May 29

It's a dog's life

He had known all week that something was going in.  She had a spring in her step that wasn't normally there.  There was excitement in the air but he couldn't quite put his finger on it.

Come Friday though when she started pulling things out of the cupboard he started to get a bit of an idea. By Saturday morning though there was no doubt about it.  He hung his head and went to sit and watch the preparations.

Tom wasn't really sure what was going on, just that it didn't involve him.  He had seen this type of activity before and it usually ended in him sitting home all alone.  They would eventually return full of wondrous new smells he had never smelt before.  At least he had that to look forward to.

Sulking over to his favourite corner of the garden.  He wondered how long they would be gone for.  Anything more than a few hours would seem much like eternity.  Based on how much they were trying to jam into the car it looked like they may never come back.

"Tom, Tom, here boy" He heard them call.  Probably just to let me know they are finally ready to leave, he thought to himself.  Even though he wasn't very interested in going over to say goodbye he was a very dutiful and pulled himself up and slowly trod off in the direction of the voices.  After all there was a chance they would leave a lovely big bone for him to chew on like they did last time.

"There you are boy" said Mum as she gave his long nose a scratch.  "Come on" she said as she walked through the door, motioning for him to follow.

Tom just stood there staring.  If he didn't know better it looked like she wanted him to go as well.  Surely that can't be right?

"Come on silly" she said kindly, "don't you want to come with us?

"Come with you?  Me?"  Tom couldn't believe his ears.  The excitement suddenly hit him and he began to jump up and down.  Letting out squeals of joy at the same time, which actually sounded more like monkey jibberish than anything else.

Heading out to where the car was parked Tom was still filled with disbelief.  He couldn't believe that he was going to see where all those smells came from.  The car was squishy, he looked around for the kitchen sink, certain it had to be there, it looked like everything else was.  There was just enough room for him to sit down.

The car ride felt like it took forever.  He still had no idea where they were taking him but he didn't care.  He was out.  He was off on an adventure and certain he was about to have the time of his life.

Looking out the window the view confirmed this.  He could see nothing but trees.  Lots and lots of big beautiful trees all waiting for him to sniff and pee on.  He couldn't help but smile from ear to ear.  It was like a dream come true.  Soon the trees gave way to long grasses and sand dunes.

Eventually the car stopped and everyone began to pile out of the car.  Tom couldn't wait till they opened his door and bounded over the seats to escape out of one of the doors already open.

It was better than he ever imagined.  The fresh air breezing through his fur, reminding him that there was still a lot of life left in his old body.  Oh and the smells.  His nostrils were overwhelmed with all the different scents they were being engulfed with.  He couldn't decide which one to follow first.

But wait, what was that?

Pointing his nose to the air he breathed in deep.  Wafting through the air was firstly the smell of sea salt and sand, but then hiding in amongst it was the smell another dog.  Not just any old dog either.  It was the pretty little doberman cross he met the week before.  Turning his head towards the beach he could see her frolicking on the sand.  Once again the day just kept on getting better.

"What are you waiting for? Don't you want to go and play with your friend?" he heard a voice ask him.

With that he was off.  Racing across the sand to enjoy all that was before him.