Saturday, June 10

Whatever is going on??

 I mean another post?


So soon after the last massive dump a mere three days ago?


I’m as shocked as you are to be honest, but here we are.

It’s a Saturday night, the night before my beloved Zany will turn 17 actually. They are currently returning home with Noodle Box for dinner. Pure madness to think that they can have a friend who is able to drive but again, here we are. Mr Awesome is inside frantically trying to get through The Leaning Tower so that there are enough bowls for everyone…

….Mr Awesome has just come out and informed me that the food has been dropped off and all young people are off to help the driver get out of their work clothes and then return at an unspecified time. Of course I already know based on where said driver lives that this will be at least an hour away.

Already I can feel my heart starting to race a little (lot, well more than is should).

It feels like the perfect storm for a story of tragedy. The night before a birthday. Young drivers at night. Wet roads. Intermittent (heavy) rain…

I’m asking all the powers that be to be protecting them tonight.

But that’s not what I came here for. 

I mean sure, I don’t entirely know what I was coming to share but I don’t really want it to be that. Tricky tough when I’m pretty much a train of thought writer and they are the only thoughts I am having at the moment.

I guess that’s why I am here, to try and come up with a different train of thought if you will.

Hard to believe that Zany turns 17 tomorrow. They truly are one of a kind. And honestly I could’ve be prouder of the person they are becoming and the things they have been able to help me see.

While they should have been graduating from year 12 at the end of this school year, school pretty much ceased for Zany when Covid hit. Initially it was because of exposure risks and then it was actual lock down and the home learning options provided weren’t great and then, well, it was all just too hard. School hadn’t been great before and the time away just made it all seems worse so we decided it just wasn’t worth it.

Formal/traditional education is not for everyone and there were some pretty terrible people in Zany’s learning environment so I can completely understand their reluctance to partake in such an activity. They instead completed some Certifications via other areas so was not just bumming around so to speak.

Well it appears as if the words have now failed me. I guess my brain is having a meltdown trying to not worry about the car load of fun loving birthday celebrating teenagers driving around dark bush roads on a wet and windy night….

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