Tuesday, June 20

Just killing time

 As I just shared to Insta, I’m currently sitting at the airport with the worlds most expensive chips and wine.

To be honest the chips, while not bad, were also not great and I’m probably going to waste most of them. I haven’t eaten all day and since it is currently 11.30pm I figured that maybe some sort of food might not be a bad idea. Also turns out I might have been wrong about that given how few chips I could actually stomach. I had hoped for a burger but apparently the kitchen was closed for anything but overpriced chips with sauce and mayo that tasted a little funky. I guess that’s what you get on the big jobs sometimes.

Mind you, not gunna lie, totally loving myself sick at the moment. Sitting at a bar with wine and writing while wearing a very cool rainbow beanie I whipped up the other day.

Side note, it is not easy to take a good selfie while trying to look inconspicuous and like you are in fact not taking a selfie, but how cool is that beanie?

Airports sure are an interesting place to spend some time though. People watching at it’s finest, that’s for sure.

So why am I sitting at the airport? I hear you ask. 

Well I am making a mad dash to Sydney to help my sister out while she recovers from some rather intense knee surgery. I popped down last month for nearly a week as a surprise visit for her not long after she had surgery and it was just the most amazing time. We hadn’t seen each other for nearly 7 years.

It felt pretty surreal when I went the first time but now it seems even more some.

The fact that just a few days ago I spoke to her and she said she need some help and now I am on my way to actually be that help is just fantastic. I seriously feel so blessed to have this opportunity to be there for her. After missing so many milestone events in the past to be able to jut drop everything and go to her now is pretty bloody special. And I must at this point give a huge shout out to my amazing boss who when I told him yesterday I would be out for most of the week because I needed to be with my sister, didn’t even bat an eyelid, but simply said, “yes Rhi, family first” I mean I don’t necessarily love the way his default setting is to call me Rhi, it just feels so strange, but I do also love that after all these years people finally feel comfortable to just shorten my name.

Boarding time is now approximately 20 minutes away, technically though I should actually be 10 minutes away from departure but I guess you can’t win them all. I should probably use some of this time though to go to the ladies and head towards the gate. The was a misfortunes incident upon arrival at the airport (after a 2 hour drive and 3 energy drinis) I was in desperate need of a toilet. Long story short I ended up having to do a wee in the car park as there was just no way I was going to make it to the terminal toilets in time.

Boarding time is fast approaching now Hough so I’m gunna go get myself a little closer to the gate, Burt please remind me to tell you the story of the guy and the lost phone

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