Thursday, June 15

What! Again?

 I like the way that this title has duel meaning. Not only does it refer to my frequency of posting lately, but also the fact I am returning to see my sister again.

The finer details of which are probably not necessary to go through right now but it is all really the most sensible decision to be made.

I mean I feel somewhat tied to my responsibilities at work but also in reality it is only for a few day and if we want to know whether m ADM is up for the game then surely me not being there is the best chance to give him the opportunity to shine. (Shrug emoji if I were on SM)

And besides I spend a lot of time thinking about the work life balance of many other people that it only make sense that I do the same for myself when I know that it is above and beyond necessary.

I guess that you might be wondering how and why there has been a sudden influx of posts here in this little old space? And then perhaps maybe you have not because according to my statistical information, no one has actually read any of my recent words of wisdom (fml emoji)

There is the slightest of chances that this low data information is due to the fact that there is change in the analytics recording systems in the Google/Blogger system that I have not yet been able to get my head around and actually action but this is possibly just a minor details also (not really lol)

Yesterday would have been my dad’s 94th birthday. Only you know it’s been nearly 14 years since he died so also not really. It’s all a little weird really. There is grief but also an indescribable celebration of the fact he lived at all. 

I know my mum would have disappointed because she did get the opportunity to speak to me. I mean had he not passed away, this year would have been their 45th wedding anniversary. Which lets face it, is a very long time to spend loving one persons. Even if one them has been dead for nearly fourteen years. But also it was a day to celebrate all that he was, not validate whatever emotions someone else might have felt.

I would almost kill for a smoke right now.

Teapot’s birthday fell on Good Friday this year. Which also coincided with us not really being in the most finically stable position a the time. Nothing really new there I guess. When don’t I find myself in the ace of a birthday celebration and not nearly enough funds to support what was needed to be done.

Anyways, given the severe state of financial affairs, Mr A and I immediately stopped smoking.

Just like that.

No more cigarettes.

It was amazing and lasted nearly a week.

At which point I discovered that Mr A had invested in a vape and I then decided to stop trying. I thought I could have gotten away with only smoking at work, only that proved to be far from the case.

Yeah, I know right.

Ok so it is now the following morning, I’ve opened up my little ipad to discover that while waiting for the photo to upload I appear to have been distracted and never actually got around to hitting the publish button (fml emoji)

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