Thursday, December 16

So many ideas and so little time.

Why is it that ideas always seem so good at the time? LIke writing this posted seemed like a good idea but then when I started....hmmmm...

But here I am...struggling somewhat but here I am.

You see I really do want to be a writer. I spend large portions of my day where I think of wonderful things that I could write about yet when I actually go to write I am left with little more than this drivel.

So why don't I write as soon as an idea pops into my head I hear you ask? Well as a mother of three that kind of luxury is not one I have. Actually the being a mother part is not really the issue. The issue is with my shorter than short memory span. Heard of ten second Bob? Well I am like twice as bad as him. This means that should I leave the washing I am hanging out to go and scrawl down my latest great idea I will inevitably forget about hanging out said washing. Which will not become apparent till bedtime when we go to climb into bed only to be greeted by a bare mattress as the sheets are still waiting to be hung out.

Oh the trials and tribulations of life hey?

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