Monday, December 13

Tis the season...

I can not believe how incredibly busy the festive season is.

With around eleven days till the big man himself arrives my little part of the world has flown into a flurry. There has been Christmas concerts, school dances, lunches, bring a plates, morning teas...the list is almost endless. Especially for mother's such as myself who feel the need to be on every possible committee as well as agreeing to host an end of year joint party for daughters one and two.

Please don't think I am complaining though.

I love Christmas with all my heart. I truly find it to be a joyous and wonderful time. Some of my strongest memories revolve around the day. This year I will be having lunch in the Ballroom at the Casino. It all sounds rather lavish and I hope that turns out to be true.

Today was the first day of the school holidays. A much anticipated event in my diary. While taking my mum to work rather early (for me) in the morning was not an ideal start the remainder of the day was more than just enjoyable.

I managed to achieve a few little tasks here and there. I did a bit of baking with the kids. Well actually with the next door neighbour's kid but it was all good. I now have some of the yummiest shortbreads I have seen for a while. To top it all off I have some fresh milk to really enjoy it with. What more could a gal ask for?

Well speaking of this yummy treats....


  1. Christmas and shortbread just go together! Although ours was from a packet won in the kinder raffle...enjoy the flurry of this time of year, Merry Christmas!

  2. thanks Nicole :) So true about the Christmas and shortbread connection. This was the first time I have made it. Congrats on the kinder raffle win. Merry Christmas to you as well. May it be full of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses


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