Saturday, December 18

A world of rules

Rules. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Personally they are something I struggle with. I am not a big believer in always following the rules. I understand that they have a place and they are there for a reason but at the same time I can always see exceptions.

However I get incredibly frustrated when my rules so to speak get broken. For example when darling daughter number one decides to not come home at the set time. While you could argue that this is not really a rule I see there as being little difference.

Essentially in my role of mother I can be seen as the office manager and as such I need to ensure that all employees are working to their best ability. This means I am also responsible for assignment designation and regular productivity. Naturally none of this can be possible with out some sort of schedule and time line. Therefore when I say please come home at half past three I mean please be home at half past three not three hours later.

At the end of the day there is a part of me that says don't worry about it, it is not worth the battle. After all she is only next door and there is nothing stopping me from going and getting her. It is not even as if she is missing out on something or stopping us from doing something. It is a rainy Saturday afternoon. It is just the principle of the matter. I said something and she should listen and respond appropriately.

Oh what to do?

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