Saturday, September 11

Same old, same old...

Breaking habits is hard to do... be it smoking, eating, swearing, attitudes, or any other number of activities which we as humans seem to repeatedly take part in when perhaps we shouldn't. Change is never easy and hence the reason for the existence of the term "set in their ways".

Repeating the same thing creates a sense of comfort. There is something soothing about the sense of security that is created when one partakes in a repeated activity. Based on past experience we are fairly sure that the event will be in some way rewarding or pleasing (at least in the immediate to short term) otherwise we would not repeatedly carry out the act.

I think it is fair to say that I have a somewhat addictive nature. Though with enough effort I know that even the baddest of habits can be over come. Naturally these are the words of a reformed smoker. After being a nicotine inhaler for over ten years I take pride in the fact I have been able to give it the flick. I must say it took many attempts, one of which involved a failed blog (here if you are really that interested)

Often one bad habit is just replaced with another and while there is no direct replacement for my old nicotine habit, the fact I no longer have to get up from the computer means I am able to feed my addiction of mindless computer games for longer. Though as this old rambles post shows this is not exactly a new thing for me. Proudly though I say my attraction to PackRat has been replaced by the all consuming FarmTown which I have slowly been weening myself off with the introduction of Monster and Bubble Worlds....If only there was a way to make writing as easy and mindless as FaceBook games

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