Monday, September 27

Slowly, slowly ever so slowly

That is about the pace at which this blog is growing. Not overly surprising since that is pretty much how I progress at anything. Actually it is more like a slowly slowly ever so slowly, then a leap and bound before resuming the slowly slowly.

I think the biggest problem is the fact that I am not really sure what I want this creation to be. I have become so used to writing about parenting stuff that on the one hand it seems only natural to continue. On the other hand of course it feels slightly stale and boring and maybe time for something new. Then again the comfort of what I know makes it hard to break away...

Where to go? What to do?

I guess for the time being I will just plod away, post by post, come what may and see what grows. So far I have only shared the blog with one other person...I think it is nearly ready to be publicly unveiled... a few more posts first I think

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