Saturday, September 25

A picture speaks a thousand words

Of course that is only the case if you pick the right picture.

I had planned to put a pic in this post but deciding on the right one became to much. Staring at the home page of the much loved stock.xchng I couldn't even think of a theme to search for to get me started and naturally nothing on the page was jumping out at me so I left it. After all it was late and I was tired and while it had been a while since my last post I just could be bothered to go through with it.

After many days, I have finally gotten around to completing this post (well I have finally gotten around to working on it again...only time will tell if I actually get to complete it this time round...she says as she steps away)

Tonight when I opened this post I thought rather than go through the whole stock.xchng thing again I would just use one of the scenic shots I recently downloaded. I am not exactly a budding photographer, but I do have a relatively flashish camera that every now and then provides me with a rather nice shot.

Anyways...when I went to check the link I inserted at the top of the page was working the following photo jumped out to me

photo credit goes to sundstrom click here for more awesome shots

It is titled the self absorb tree and it is the name as much as the picture that appeals to me. Right now, more than anything in the world I want to be self absorbed. I want to think only of my own needs, my own wants and desires, my own heartache and break... of course, as a mum, wife, possibly just caring female, this is not possible.

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