Wednesday, March 25

Oh how things can change...

This post was supposed to start like this...

I'm Pumped!!
Tonight my basket ball managed to come within two points of not losing a game. Compared to the previous deficits of sometimes well over twenty this was a huge improvement

...However by the time my lovely little laptop decided to turn itself on and open a new document for me, I found my thoughts spiraling off into their own random tangents.
Rather than the planned discussion pouring forth my mind had more pressing matters which it wanted to contemplate.

Sitting here ready type out some inspirational piece based on the great high I am getting from being part of a team all I can actually think about is

I wonder if rings make fingers swell?
If red cars go faster do red fingernails make you type faster?
I wonder how many other people are aware of the fact that their nose and ears never stop growing

And other such burning matters that really do not have much impact to reality at all...

Perhaps it is symbolic of my life. It feels like it is spiraling off in more than just random tangents. I am in dire need of direction, purpose and most of all a driving motivation. Stuck in a vortex of blind acceptance, I still manage to float through life based on the flow of whatever is going. There is no order, rhyme of reason.

Silver lining to all this I guess is that at least I managed a post for the second day running! (Mind you if I refer back to my original posting rules this would probably not pass as the word count is just under 200 but I am sticking with it being better than nothing!)
eds note: I took so long playing with the format of this post that it is now past midnight and therefore it has saved the date as the 25th but I assure you it is my second day in a row for posting

Many thanks to slafko for today's photo. I found this interesting image on after I pressed the randomizer button...nothing like living life on the edge hey?

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