Tuesday, October 21

The Great Things About Lists

Lists are great! They keep you organised, help you to stay on task and just generally maintain two hands firmly on the ball of life. Lists also have a very personal side to them and you are either a list person or not.

My mother was and to some extent still is a very big list person. While she may not write lists on a regular basis if there is a party to plan or spring cleaning to be done a list is sure to be made. Before I go on any further I must say that I love my mother dearly and would not wish for another, however she has never really been a person I have aspired to be like. The reasons of which I will save for another post (or perhaps even a book). As a result of this I have generally avoided making too many list for fear of someone making the comparison.

As I get older I have realised that lists actually need to be an integral part of my life. Without an adequate supply of lists I have found my self somewhat lost and just floating the the abyss that is my life. While it is hard to admit I think that I am actually the type of person that needs to have a list about all my lists.

So here it is a list of all the lists I need to have in my life
  1. Chores and housework (for myself and family memebers)
  2. Articles that I need to write
  3. Dreams, hopes and ambitions that I have
  4. Habits I wish to change
  5. Monthly, weekly and daily achievements
  6. Books I hope to read
  7. Miscellaneous things that don't fit anywhere else
I know it is not the longest list in the world but I am a big believer in being able to tick everything off. Also the danger with a long list is that it may be overwhelming and intimidating.

So what has brought about my acceptance of my need to have a list? Have a look here.


  1. I'm honoured! So do you have a list now?!

  2. Well... sort of... only what I have on here. I am in a catch 22, my desk is too messy to find a book to keep track of my lists and I don't feel motivated to clean my desk as I don't have a list! Oh the vicious webs we weave ourselves hey? :)


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