Monday, October 20

Dreams, hopes, plans and ambitions

As you have probably noticed there has not been much success in my bid to increase the frequency of my writing. I guess you could say there has been a regular activity, but for what I have put out once a week is not really much of an achievement. I feel this is fairly indicative of my life. I have an innate ability to only do what is required and not an iota more.

The irony of this all is that one of my dream career paths it to be a motivational speaker.

I was recently asked if I had my dreams written out. I was quite taken by surprise by it actually, especially when I realised that I did not have my dreams written out. In fact I am not even really sure I could verbally list my current dreams.

As it is not wise to float through life without dreams, ambitions and the like I have complied a few to get me going. Perhaps this is just the motivation that I need!

My dreams, hopes, plans and ambitions
  1. Be the best mother I can and raise beautiful children
  2. Become an accomplished writer
  3. Be an inspiration to others
  4. Maintain an orderly and functioning household
Ok so that is all I have for now but at least it is a start.
You see all I really want out of life is to live a happy life full of love and laughter. I feel blessed to be able to say that I feel I have that now.
Sure life is not perfect and there is the odd occasion when my children drive me to distraction but each and everyday I spend more time laughing and enjoying life than not.

It's funny, looking back to my childhood and teenage years I recall a sense of expectation for my life. Not necessairily from myself but certainly from many around me (parents, teachers, etc). It is fair to say that after the age of 18 I failed to reach any of them!

By all accounts I guess you could say that I was a bit of a goody goody. I got good grades (not great but good) I generally made good choices and good friends so I was never in much trouble (mind you the debating team has more going for it than most know about). Life was just good. (much like now really)

However when I left school went to uni I got a bit lost. There were times when life was good, on occassion it was even great. There were also some really low moments that if I could change I would. If I could go back in time and pin point the precise decision that I could change I would. Mind you I hold no regrets and believe that everything happens for a specific reason so perhaps if the choice to change the past really exisited I would probably leave it like it is. After all it is the past that has made the present all that it is.

But I have digressed. Which makes me think now is a good time to end this post.


  1. I have seen you write a bit more lately... well done! It's a great habit to get into if you are serious about writing. The best way to motivate is to do... something to think about! Keep thinking about your dreams, first step it to figure out what they are, then you need to formulate ways to get them done! One of my friends uses an elephant as an analogy... how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time... :)

  2. yes I have this past week has been particularly good for me. I am slowly gaining momentum, I guess sometimes all it takes is a bit of encouragement. Doing certainly is the answer. I have always been more of a thinker but I am slowly turning that into more action.
    I am not sure the elephant analogy will work for me as I can't stop thinking why you would want to eat an elephant but I get the drift :)
    Thanks for stopping by it is always nice to know there is at least one reader :))

  3. I have found your blog most most insightful. And I completely understand your journey...and your search....

    I believe you can achieve your goals!

  4. hi Muse, thank you for your encouragement and kind words, it is greatly appreciated.

    ~ may in every way this be a special day ~


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