Thursday, May 15

A few words

Life is a constant barrage of activity. There is always something that needs to be done yet there rarely seems enough time to get it all done. (My lack of entries here is testament to that)

Some might say that my journey through the ocean of life of late has been rather choppy. It certainly has not been smooth sailing of late. However it was nothing a harden sailor, such as myself, couldn't handle. Just between you and me though I probably could be doing a slightly better job.

I mean sure I have not been a messy bundle curled up on the floor but I certainly haven't been standing strong at the helm directing my boat as needed. I have just left it to steer itself! Which on the whole hasn't been to bad but it is fair to say that my boat has veered slightly of course to say the least.

The good news is that I am slowly clawing my my back and the waters appear to be calming a little. I just need to remember that it is all about perspective really.

Credit for the photo must go to Marco Caliulo His great shots can be found at stock.xchng

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