Saturday, September 21

The Joys Of Handwriting. Or not.

Button BrainIt has been forever since I took pen to paper and wrote.

Of course that does not mean I have not been writing.

For I have.

Just not this slow old fashioned way.

And just between you and me, even after only these few short lines I have found it to be quite arduous. To say the least. There is certainly something wonderful to be said about keyboard typing and the modern computer.

Coming back and retyping my handwritten mess and all I can see are ways to have said the same differently. Which is nice and all but really slows the whole typing thing down. I guess that is just one of the joys of editing.

As I write my mind is having a thousand other thoughts at once. All of which it wants written immediately. If not sooner. There is a part of me which wants to jump up and grab my phone and Instagram the moment.

Because that is what people do these days. Instagram all that they do.

All I want to do is capture in time the beauty of taking the time to write by hand. So rarely it happens these days. I am disgraced at how messy my scrawl appears. A sign of how fast my hand was trying to write, I guess.

I don't on this occasion because in my absent mindedness I will more than likely forget about my original intention before I manage to find my phone. So instead I think constantly about it and decide to jot it down here only to find that my hand is unable to keep up with the speed at which my mind wants it to.

The end result of all of this is that my writing is less than legible and I am left wondering why I didn't just get up and take the damn photo because at this point I have forgotten what it was I actually sat down to write about. All the while my aching wrist is wondering for how much longer I plan to keep up this handwriting palaver.

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