Tuesday, May 21

A recap of recent times edition

Hello Tuesday!

Where did you come from and how did you get here so quickly? (again)

Being Tuesday it can mean only one thing.
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Regular readers would know that I am a regular participant of IBOT and have been for quite some time. In fact I am #teamIBOT member because I just love IBOT that much. I can't even remember how I first came across it but I am glad I did because when all else fails I always seem to come up with something to blog about on a Tuesday.

Though it is not just about the writing and getting a post out. IBOT is also all about reading and sharing some blogging love as well. Checking out the IBOT posts each week means I am pretty much guaranteed to read some of the best posts of the blogosphere all found in one easy location.

Total win-win I tell you.

But I digress, as much as I love all that is IBOT I hadn't meant to gush about it today. What I meant to do today was alert your attention to some of my recent posts. For whatever reason they seem to have slipped under most readers radars.

City to Surf 2013 Here I Come!

Fast forward to two weeks from today and I can guarantee that I will not be sitting in front of the computer as soon as I get up. Well as long as all goes to plan (touching wood and all that) Last night I entered in the local city to surf fun run. I am beyond excited! Read more

Things I Know About Machines and Being Mother of the Year

It feels like forever since I have shared some things that I know. So rather than tackle the washing or empty the dishwasher I decided the world would be a much better place if everyone knew some of the things that I do. Read more


Behind the Camera (aka Photos of Me)

It is with great pleasure, that for the first time, I am joining in with fellow #TeamIBOT member iSophie's  groovy new linky. This is the second month it has been running for however last month I didn't quite have my act last month so I couldn't participate. This month however I am on fire with having my act together.
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Happy reading! For more great posts make sure you head on over and check out some other IBOTters
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