Thursday, July 12

Thankful Thursday - Life as a whole

As I was aimlessly wandering around the kitchen, trying to avoid the dishes, while simultaneously procrastinating on the dinner preparations, I found my mind wondering what I would post for Thankful Thursday this week.  Given the blessed life that I have it is sometimes hard deciding where my thanks needs to go the most.

Without a doubt being thankful for my children and Mr Awesome is always at the top of the list.  However I am fairly sure that regular readers eyes glaze over when I start harping on about them because I tend to do so all the time.  What can I say, he is after all Mr Awesome and the children are his offspring so by default are also awesome...but I digress

Last week Kate's Thankful post was done in pictures and it started to get me thinking what pictures I could use to show my thanks.

Lots of beautiful comments on recent posts 
that inspire me to write more

Beautiful memories being made

Special sisters sharing quiet reading time together

No time restrictions, oh how I love the school holidays

Sleeping in.  The girls have been so beautifully quiet of a morning 
that I have had the pleasure of a few rather lazy morning of late *bliss*

While my mind took to planning this post rather than dinner, I decided that maybe a spot of music might help get on with what needed to be done.  For as much as I wanted to just write this post the responsible mother within kicked in and I knew that feeding the hungry hoards was the right thing to do.

Given that on the spot decision making is not always my forte I decided to let Mac randomly choose a song from my entire iTunes playlist.  I like to live on the edge like that.  Would you believe that this was the song selected

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