Tuesday, November 23

Let's get started

Ok here is what I am going to do. After much thought, well actually maybe only a little, if much thought had of gone into it I might have come up with a different decision. Anyway. Even though there is barely a week left in the month. And even though I will need to churn out just over 8 thousand words a day, I am going to give it a go. Right here on my pretend parenting blog I am going to try and post a novel in less than a week!

How exciting!!!!!

Now because at this point I am slightly desperate for words they will not exactly be a novel as such. The majority of words will come from a fiction based thing but I can not guarantee that it will be coherent or the one story. This late in the game I think I am allowed to use a few rule stretches. As such post such as this and the one below will be included in the total.

Now that is out the way let me see how much I have gotten out the way already